Salt Lake Prices

Prices are dependent on location. The prices listed below are the prices available at the pick-up location in Salt Lake City. All prices are subject to change.

Please see the calendar on our events page for our next delivery date if you are interested in ordering any of these products.

Beef Pricing-SLC

ProductPrice per Pound
Hamburger Patties (4pk)$6.50/pkg
Hamburger Patties (10Pk)$16.00/pkg
Stew Meat$5.75
Soup Bones$4.00
Fajita Strips$9.00
Short Ribs$7.00
Rib-eye Steak$16.50
T-Bone Steak$15.50
Sirloin Steak$14.50
Tenderloin Steak$19.50
Round Steak$9.00
Cubed Round Steak$9.00
Chuck Roast$7.50
Round Roast$7.00

Pork Pricing-SLC

ProductPrice per Pound
Ground Pork$5.25
Sausage (Mild or Spicy)$5.25
Pork Chops$8.00
Pork Steaks $6.00
Fresh Side$8.00
Pork Ribs$6.50
Country Style Ribs (No Bone)$6.50
Shoulder Roast$6.50
Rear Leg Roast $6.00
Pork Fat$4.50
Cured meat (Bacon & Ham) is only available when purchasing a whole or half pork.

Little Bacon Seeds

Lamb Pricing-SLC

ProductPrice per Pound
Ground Lamb$12.00
Sausage (Mild)$12.00
Stew Meat$10.00
Shoulder Roast$10.00
Leg of Lamb Roast$10.00
Leg of Lamb Shank$7.00
Soup Bones$5.00

Whole and Half Carcass Options-SLC

The weight price is based on the carcass weight and includes kill fee and the cut and wrap fee.
ProductDepositEst. Pounds of MeatPrice per Pound
Whole Beef$400300-450$5.00
Half Beef$200150-225 $5.50
Whole Pork$100110-150 $3.75
Half Pork$5055-75$4.25
Whole Lamb$5040-60$6.50
Half Lamb$5020-30$7.00

Llama Pricing-SLC

ProductPrice per Pound
Ground Llama$6.00
Stew Meat$6.00
Leg of Llama Roast $5.00
Leg of Llama Shank$4.00
Shoulder Roast$5.00
Soup Bones$4.00