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Preparing for Thanksgiving

Guest Writer: Kayla Batty Although it feels like the holidays just got over, for farmers, it’s just time to start thinking about it again. We will order our first set Heritage Turkeys will show up in April, with the broad-breasted

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Old Home Place Overview

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Farming on 2News this Morning

We might not post very often, but that’s just because we are way too busy! We had a crazy busy Thanksgiving season, selling a lot of very large turkeys. In fact, we were featured on 2News this morning at the

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Bacon Seeds

Guest Writer: Kayla Batty Farming is more than just a hobby. For those who love it, those who were raised doing it, or those who have found a passion for it over time, farming is a way of life. It

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Poultry Production

Guest Writer: Kayla Batty Wow, what a year it has been. Many of you know that we have spent the last couple of years fighting with UDAF to be able to slaughter chickens under the Federal 20,000 Chicken Exemption. In

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The Food Freedom Act: The Political Games

Guest writer: Kayla Batty (Dale’s Daughter)  This was my first opportunity to be on Capitol Hill fighting for a bill. To be honest, I’ve never been more horrified or concerned for the state of our government. The games that were

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The Food Freedom Act: The Bill

Several years ago, a state legislature in the state of Wyoming began pushing a bill that would allow for the legal sale of farm-fresh produce, milk, eggs, and meat directly from producers to consumers, without government inspection and regulation. Just

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A Changing Agricultural Paradigm (Part 2)

As I stated in last week’s post, the industrialization of American and, increasingly, world agriculture has had both good and bad consequences. As tillage equipment and fertilizers became bigger, more powerful and more easily managed the average American farmer has

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A Changing Agricultural Paradigm

With the cold from winter and the dark from the time change upon us, I find myself in the house earlier in the evenings. As a son-in-law asked me to write a little about the kind of alternative agriculture we are

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Do we raise our animals humanely? – Hogs (part 2)

Along with our hoop houses, a few years ago we found a new system for the hog shelters. A coworker found access to an old water slide. Serendipity struck, the person who had the tubes wanted them off his property

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