Our Family

The Old Home Place is a family-owned farm. In fact, farming is in our blood. The land we currently own has been in our family going on four generations. It is our heritage and passion. We know tricks of the trade that have been passed down from parents to children for decades. Farming isn’t something that just happens; it takes a great amount of knowledge and work. This work has produced generations of children who continue to work on and benefit from the farm. It’s not just a job, it’s a family affair. Meet our family!


Ron & Don

The current patriarchs of the family, these twins were causing havoc and mayhem on their family farm before they were speaking fluently. They build fences like violins–perfectly straight. Ron is one of the family mechanics and welders. He can often be found in one of two places: tinkering around in his shop or puttering around on his tractor.


Dale and Linda

The day-to-day operations on the farm often fall to this semi-retired couple. Dale, Ron’s son, was born and raised on the farm. In fact he was milking cows by the time he was ten and doing a majority of the calving and lambing as a high school student along with his brother, Gale. Linda married into the active farming life when she married Dale 40 years ago.

Dale is often the initiator of change on The Old Home Place. His passion for farming influences his insatiable appetite for knowledge. He is constantly reading agricultural blogs and magazines. He often reads of new techniques and farming options that he then implements on the farm. He is the farmer’s version of a master craftsman–he can fix anything with baling twine, duct tape, or WD40. He is the farm vet, artificial bull, dairy man, salesman, manager, and overall Kemosabe.

Linda is often the implementer to Dale’s innovations. She is every bit the rancher’s wife, capable of doing anything from sewing prom dresses to woodwork to running the farm single-handedly for extended periods of time. She loves sharing her knowledge about farming and enjoys organizing and conducting farm days at a local elementary school.


Dale and Linda’s KidsThe Dale Batty Family - 3 Generations Strong

Dale and Linda’s six kids launched into farming much earlier than Dale had…He encouraged “learning opportunities” at an early age. By the time Amanda was 5 and Keith was 3 they were given cows to milk daily.  Due to the purchase of automatic milkers, the rest of the kids were robbed of their cows. They were, however, all driving the hay wagon by age two and most of them can still run a tractor or a horse as the occasion demands. Amanda, Keith, and Jamie eventually moved with their families to the city, but Sasha, Brandon (and family), and Kayla all live near the farm and help with the day-to-day operations. Jamie does the bookkeeping and accounting and helps out on the farm any time she can escape back to the home fire. Brandon took after Grandpa Ron and Dale and does much of the mechanic work, welding, and farmer-fixing.


Tammy & Gale PortraitGale (Luke)

Gale is Dale’s brother. He is partial to the cattle side of the business. In the summers he spends hours helping on the mountain ranch property and during the winter he keeps and feeds the beef herd in the pastures near his home. He keeps the sprinkler lines running throughout most of the farm property. He is the farm electrician, the cattle/land lease manager, and branding man.

Gale's family - 3 generations strongGale’s Kids

Like their father, Gale’s children prefer the beef management (Pigs stink). They have all stayed close to home and close to the farm. Hay fever may keep them away during the harvesting season, but they are always willing to help on cattle-hauls and branding day. They enjoy spending time with the family while mending fences and moving cattle on the mountain ranch during the summer and feeding hay during the winter.


Steven Batty


Steven is Gale’s oldest son. He has loved animals from before he learned to talk. Steve is taking over some of Grandpa Ron’s lands and responsibilities. He is currently a full-time university student studying Engineering. Even though he is usually four hours away, he is the go-to man for filling in and covering bases. During the summer he often takes care of all the sprinklers as well as helping his father on the mountain ranch.

Black and White Border Collie Puppies crawling on pumpkins

The “other” kids

Over the years there have also been Gabe, Trudy, Petey, Chester, Gabby, Gwen, Rocket, Trigger and countless others pass through the family. The farm does not run without these trusted sidekicks. They are the energetic herders and sanity preservationists.