Farming on 2News this Morning

We might not post very often, but that’s just because we are way too busy! We had a crazy busy Thanksgiving season, selling a lot of very large turkeys. In fact, we were featured on 2News this morning at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmer’s Market the week before Thanksgiving.

You can also read the whole article on the 2News webpage. Farming on 2News. Learn a little more about why we do what we do and meet the brilliant master-mind behind the whole operation!

We are actually really looking forward to our off-season. That doesn’t mean that we don’t still have lots to do, but it’s hard to raise pasture-raised poultry when the pasture is all covered in snow! We’ll keep raising our beef, pork, lamb, and llamas, and we’ll keep our laying chickens going so we’ll still have eggs, but we won’t raise any more pasture-raised meat poultry until early next spring.

We will be at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmer’s Market at the Rio Grande Hotel the last weekend of every month through the end of the Winter Market and then every other week at the summer market in Pioneer Park. We will also continue our monthly meat deliveries to Heber, Park City, and Salt Lake. Through these you will be able to order what you would like and we will have your order ready for you to pick up when you show up to the delivery point. We will get the dates posted on our “Events” Page, so don’t miss us!



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