Poultry Production

Guest Writer: Kayla Batty

Wow, what a year it has been. Many of you know that we have spent the last couple of years fighting with UDAF to be able to slaughter chickens under the Federal 20,000 Chicken Exemption. In collaboration with another farm in the Valley, Boothill Farms, we were able to get approved to build and use a slaughter plant and begin processing chickens and turkeys.

We don’t want you to think this means that we won’t keep fighting for the Food Freedom Act—we believe consumers should be able to choose for themselves what is best—but we are excited to be able to continue supporting our way of life, as well as supply those in our area and on the Wasatch Front with quality meat grown and processed locally. If you ever have the chance to try one of our chickens, you’ll find that it’s cleaner, with less feathers and less slime than you will find on commercial birds, even if you are buying organic. Unlike commercial birds, ours are never injected with saline solution, so when you buy a 4-pound bird, you will be buying 4 pounds of chicken, not 3 pounds of chicken and 1 pound of salt water.

turkeysMeet Thanksgiving Dinner. We’re starting small, with just 200 turkeys this year. But they are some of the most fun animals to raise. They’re so curious and sometimes rather naughty. They’re always getting out of the LARGE  protection fence we keep them in.


The chickens are back as well. We will do several batches of 150-250 birds throughout the summer and fall. We won’t be doing them during the winter–there’s no grass to raise them on. If you’re interested in ordering some processed birds, please contact us!

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